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Engine overhaul

Dieselservice Emmeloord carries out all revisions to diesel engines. With over 40 years of experience, we are very adept at overhauling engines for heavy duty applications. The work is performed by mechanics who have knowledge of all enignes of renowned brands.

We also overhaul engine components like cylinder heads, water and oil pumps, starter motors, alternators and turbo chargers

One route
Engines follow a standard route in de workshop. Upon arrival, the engine is viewed and then disassembled. All components are cleaned and freed of grease, oil and dirt. We have various machines to do this, such as a washing and ultrasonic machine and various blasting machines. After cleaning, everything is checked for defects. Components that need to be overhauled go to the appropriate department. Lastly the engine gets reassembled and tested on our test stand.

You will be kept informed of the progress throughout the entire process. Every engine is delivered completely to your wishes.

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