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Dieselservice Emmeloord

Our company

Dieselservice Emmeloord BV has been around since 1979. We are specialists in engine overhaul, fuel pump overhaul, and machining. For this we have a large workshop and an extensive machinery. We work for agriculture, fisheries, shipping, inland shipping, industry, transport, government and motor overhaul companies.

Specialist in engine overhaul

Despite the fact that diesel engines can last many running hours, the engine will have to be overhauled at some point. Dieselservice Emmeloord is the specialist in engine overhaul. The engine is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, after which the engine is rebuilt with new or refurbished parts. Typically, overhauling an engine is cheaper and therefore more attractive than buying a new engine.

With over 40 years of experience, Dieselservice Emmeloord is very adept at overhauling engines. We have advanced equipment and highly experienced staff. Your engine is in good hands with us. With an engine we have overhauled, you can go a long time ahead.

Ship engines overhaul

Our offer in the overhaul of marine engines is unlimited. If you had a ship’s engine overhauled with us, you can move forward with the ship’s engine for a long time. If you have specific wishes or questions, this is also possible at Dieselservice Emmeloord.

Overhauling a marine engine at competitive prices. Dieselservice Emmeloord has a lot of experience in overhauling marine engines. We deliver throughout the Netherlands and can quickly and skilfully overhaul a marine engine. You are not the first to want to have a ship’s engine overhauled, so you are in trusted hands. We see ship engines overhaul as a serious matter.

Fuel pump overhaul

After years of loyal service, your diesel engine’s fuel system may malfunction, leaving you with an inevitable choice. Are you going to replace your fuel pump and incur a lot of costs, or are you going to have your fuel pump overhauled, a solution that is relatively much cheaper?

When you choose to overhaul your fuel pump, you are at the right place at Dieselservice Emmeloord. We have more than 40 years of experience and are therefore specialized in the field of fuel pump overhaul. Thanks to our many years of experience, we carry out fuel pump revisions in an expert manner.

Grinding crankshaft

Because the crankshaft is one of the most loaded running parts of the engine, it will often show signs of wear after intensive use. A cause for this may be that scratches on the smooth curves occur or that the curves are no longer within the tolerances. When a bearing of the crankshaft runs out, it is necessary to sharpen the crankshaft again.

Dieselservice Emmeloord can sharpen your crankshaft for you. We sharpen your crankshaft at competitive prices and deliver throughout the Netherlands.

Revising injectors

If your engine smokes in a grey-blue color or the engine has more diesel knock than before, you may need to have your injector overhauled. This is usually necessary when an engine is older than twenty years. Dieselservice Emmeloord specialises in this and that is why you can contact us for the revision of injectors.

If you had an injector overhauled with us, you can move forward with the injectors for a long time. If you have specific wishes or questions, this is also possible at Dieselservice Emmeloord. Of course, we regularly sell injectors that we have overhauled.

Dieselservice Emmeloord has years of experience in overhauling injectors. When we overhaul your injectors, they are thoroughly checked and cleaned. All oil and other deposits are removed and your injector is repaired where necessary. After the refurbishment, you can assume that your injector can function again for a long time.

Cylinder head overhaul

In order for your engine to run properly again, it may be necessary to have a cylinder head overhauled. Many modern cylinder heads suffer from cracking, this crack formation is often not visible to the naked eye, but may be the cause of your cylinder head having to undergo revision. When overhauling a cylinder head, there’s a lot to look at. Of course the right machines are necessary, but also having years of experience is necessary to perform the overhaul of a cylinder head in the right way.

Dieselservice Emmeloord has over 40 years of experience in overhauling cylinder heads. With us you are therefore at the right place for the revision of your cylinder head. Not only can we overhaul your own cylinder head, but also several brands of refurbished cylinder heads are available from stock in our webshop.


We have a wide range of new and used parts from Mitsubishi, Daf, Cummins, Deutz, Scania and MAN. Also ask for our stock exchange parts such as fuel pumps, cylinder heads, camshafts, crankshafts, dynamos, water pumps, starter motors and turbochargers. These have been overhauled and checked according to the strictest requirements. Check out our webshop.


We have specialized staff and an excellent fleet of vehicles. This allows us to carry out maintenance, repair and revision on site.


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